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Warped Princess: Love of the Mage

2017-04-01 00:28:25 by MrRa4en


"Unlike the shoddily made cage-men, this contraption seemed dangerous. Despite its stilt like legs it walked elegantly down the corridor, each step rhythmic. It outstretched its arm towards Brahn and spoke, its words feminine but...strained. 

'Br-ahn? I-isss that you?' 

Tears began to pool in his eyes as he took steps closer towards the creature. 

'Yes...sister. I came to rescue you...'"

[Messing with textures and shading. Again sorry for the poor quality photo, blame the phone.]


2017-04-01 00:06:09 by MrRa4en


Cuddles? Cuttles? Cooties? This'll give you all three. 

King of Flies

2017-03-31 23:58:03 by MrRa4en


Melancholy and a tad tempting, I wouldn't mind being a king of flies. Just a little doodle I did one sleepless night. I hate that my camera sucks so much but i tried my best to make it more presentable. Will probably just move to digital soon but...dooooodles.  

Spicy Meatball

2017-03-31 20:58:59 by MrRa4en

Angry Redhead


It has been awhile since I've posted here but can not easily silence a raven, can they? The answer is yes because I'm lazy. Anyway was practicing layering but it could be better now that I look at it. No body...just a severed head floating through the multiverse with a death hawk and a piercing glare.